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fixing sets for snap buttons

Crimping tools for nap - tips for the napper

Mulberries, also called crushers, are special tips that are placed in the dock. Thanks to it you can easily and quickly attach the device to a given material. It is enough to choose the right crusher, mount it in the napper and knead the nap in the selected place. What to pay attention to when choosing a press tip? To choose the right crusher, two important things to remember: the type of napper and its size.

Nap assembly - for amateurs and professionals

Wondering how to mount the naps? We recommend using a hand-held press with interchangeable tips zagniataczami. A crimping press with crimps tightens press studs on the selected material. Crimping tool crimps the press evenly and without deformation on various materials: natural leather, artificial leather, and even thin fabrics. The device is successfully used by people who are just taking their first steps in leather-making, as well as craftsmen with many years of experience.

What kind of kneader to choose?

You do not know what to choose a nap? Do not worry, we'll advise you! We strive to make our store transparent and intuitive for every customer. If you need help choosing the right crocker for the napper, let us know. Remember that a suitable napa is intended for each tip. All you need to do is pay attention to the name and name of the kneader and the choice of the correct one will be a corner!

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