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Tapes - under one name, many different and functional elements that accompany daily the owners of many accessories, are hidden. Can you imagine a backpack without straps, sweatpants without waistband, or Hook and loop-tied shoes without hook and loop? Sure not! They are simply intrinsically linked elements of these products. And yes, all of them are tapes.

Various types of webbing tapes, elastic, hook and loop, as well as special - reflective tapes are ideal for creating clothing and footwear projects, as well as many haberdashery accessories.

All tapes are made of tear-resistant fibers, and thanks to the many colors: vivid, pastel and neutral, they fit perfectly both into more extravagant and slightly simpler design ideas.

Depending on the type, they will work well as handles, straps, fasteners, drawcords, toys, safety patches or simply as decorative elements. At Berotex, you can buy many variants of tapes that can be applied in your projects!

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Webbing and elastic tapes - online wholesaler

The Berotex online wholesaler offers various types of tapes useful for leathercraft and sewing products. Webbing tapes have many applications. The size and the fabric they are made of will influence its properties. Cotton tapes are used in outdoor clothing, leather goods and furniture. Polypropylene tapes with high resistance to tearing and friction are used as belts for trousers and bags, handles for laptop covers, tapes for roller blinds or animal leashes. In our assortment you will also find flat knitted and woven elastic tapes as well as elastic cords. These are functional elements in many products and they are used as drawcords in jackets, shoes or backpacks. Elastic cords are also used in stationery (for example, as a closure for calendars), advertising tags, and in the dry goods stores and at hairdressers’.

Multipurpose hook and loop tape

Hook and loop tape is often an invisible element in everyday articles. It serves as a simple, reusable textile fastener, among others in jackets, backpacks, shoes or cable ties. Hook and loop tapes will also work well in the automotive or medical industry. Hook and loop properties depend on the fibers they are made of. Nylon hook and loop tapes contain durable and resistant to external factors polyamide fibers, therefore they can be used in garden and tourist accessories. Polyester-nylon hook and loop is characterized by high durability and color depth. Double-sided hook and loop are often used on laptop charger cables. Elastic hook and loop is perfect for sportswear. Our offer also includes self-adhesive hook and loop tapes, which are an interesting alternative to the traditional ones - sewn with threads.

Reflective tapes and vests - be visible on the road

Thanks to the fabrics and accessories available at Berotex, you can create many original products such as backpacks, sports bags, waterproof clothing and many, many more. They are often products that are later used not only on sunny days, but also after dark, in the rain and with limited lighting. Therefore, when planning a project, it is worth taking into account also small, but very important reflective accessories. We recommend the use of gray polyester or prismatic reflective tapes. Placing them on the products is very simple. You can simply sew them onto outer garments (for example, on sleeves and hoods) and on pockets, belts, shoulders and lapels of school bags, handbags and other accessories. We recommend reflective vests for drivers and construction workers. We hope that the use of such small elements will increase safety and visibility, thus protecting against dangerous incidents on the road.

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