Stiffening for leather goods

What to do to prevent leather goods from getting damaged, wrinkling and be reinforced? Of course, you have to use stiffeners that are appropriate for a given product. What materials should you use? As elements stabilizing the construction of bags and backpacks, we recommend the use of one of three types of stiffeners: polyurethane foams, non-cross-linked foams or cross-linked foams that are sewn between the layers of the material.

They will also be ideal for creating special compartments and will facilitate, for example, the filing of camera elements in cases.

PVC binding tapes and leathercraft lines for sewing will be an ideal solution for the edges of haberdashery goods. Thanks to this, the corners (for example of the daily used schoolbags) will last much longer than they would have without the use of PVC reinforcements. Additionally, the PVC binding tapes offered at Berotex are available in many vivid shades and will fit into the most colorful designs.

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Leathercraft and tailoring stiffeners

Leathercraft and tailoring stiffeners

In the category of stiffening articles, our customers can find many accessories that are useful in the production of various types of leather goods. PVC binding tapes, foams, polyethylene foams, boards, cords and leathercraft lines for sewing - you will find all this at Berotex! For stiffening the edges of various materials, for example on backpacks, we recommend PVC binding tapes. They not only give an aesthetic finish to the product, but they also strengthen the seams. Leathercraft PVC binding tapes are made of soft plastic. They are available in many colors. Polyurethane foams are mainly used in the furniture industry as well as in the footwear and textile industries. Stiffening boards will be ideal for creating compartments in backpacks, bags and cases. Cords make decorative handles in paper bags and come in handy in many scrapbooking and DIY projects. The leathercraft lines for sewing will protect the edges of both large and small products, from wallets to furniture.

Foams and stiffening boards with many properties

Sponge - polyurethane (PU) foam can be used for products with sponge lining, as well as for insulation fabrics or packaging. Our product range also includes polyethylene foams. Customers can choose from two types of foams: cross-linked and non-cross-linked PE. If you are looking for foams or soundproofing mats, we recommend cross-linked foams with insulating and soundproofing properties. In addition, cross-linked foams do not absorb water and do not absorb moisture, which is why they are often used in packaging, construction, installations or in the footwear and automotive industries. Non-cross-linked foams have many attributes that are used in construction or in packaging - they protect the goods against damage and shocks. Non-cross-linked foam has anti-slip, anti-static, anti-shock and waterproof properties. The foam is also used as a soundproofing, leveling and thermal insulation mat under panels. Durable and made of high-quality materials, the plates are resistant to damage, so they are perfect for stiffening the bottoms of backpacks.

Leathercraft cords and lines at Berotex warehouse

Cords and strings available at Berotex are a universal piece that can be used in more or less creative ways. They are perfect for interior decoration, sewing bags, sacks and other fashion accessories, for gift wrapping, as well as upholstery cords. Professional leathercraft lines for sewing are an important structural and protective element in various projects. The line stiffens the edges and corners of haberdashery goods such as bags or backpacks. We realize how important it is in leather-making to properly reinforce the products, especially those exposed to mechanical damage. That is why we want you to be able to choose good quality materials for sewing them. If, in addition to stiffening, you also need durable fabrics and threads, we recommend shopping in our online store!

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