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Think about a sporty hoodie that you wear on an unusually windy day. You walk and the hood keeps falling off your head. Fortunately, such situations are rare. Why? Because manufacturers of sportswear and casual sweatshirts use drawstrings with special plastic stoppers!

Of course, hoods are not the only element of clothing where these endings can be used. They are also used to tighten jackets and coats inside, and thanks to them, you can mark the waist line even in thick jackets.

Spring stoppers are also used in the lower part of the jackets and in the sleeve cuffs, which allows the user to additionally protect against the wind.

What to use the webbing tape stoppers for? Probably the most popular solution for these elements are the shoulder straps in backpacks. However, they will also work well in clothing elements, such as braces.

Regardless of how you use plastic stoppers in your project, we encourage you to buy them at Berotex!

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Plastic Stoppers

Plastic stoppers - drawstring, cord locks

Strings and elastic bands are an integral part of many clothing products. They are usually found in jackets, sweatshirts and sportswear. Most often they are sewn into the hoods and lower trimmings of these products, in coats and jackets they also serve to adjust the string at the waist. Such strings are finished with special stoppers. The installed plastic cord locks prevent uncontrolled movement of the string or elastic bands. Clothing stoppers also prevent the strings from unraveling, so that the product does not damage. Where else can cord lock stoppers be used? They also work well in many tourist accessories, as a functional accessory, e.g. in backpacks or covers. They can also be used to close special laundry bags. The Berotex wholesaler offers black cord locks, as well as single-hole and double-holes cord stoppers. There are also special end locks and tape stoppers used in backpacks.

Fabrics and accessories at Berotex - create your own sack for fruits and vegetables

Did you know that thanks to the accessories and fabrics available in our assortment, you can create your own reusable bags for fruit and vegetables? To make them, you will need a mesh fabric or knitted mesh fabric, string or elastic band, thread and a double-hole plastic stopper. You will find all this in our assortment! Choose a 3D mesh in black, beige, cornflower blue, red, charcoal, navy blue, gray, green, khaki or white. You can also combine several colors with each other. To connect the fabric, choose threads intended for thin fabrics (for example, Artyn 150). In the upper part of the bag, sew the fabric so that you can put the string through it. Drag the cord ends of any color through the fabric and through the stopper holes. Tie the ends of the string. The bag is ready! In the same way, you can also make a bag not only for fruit and vegetables, but also for other purchases, using Canvas cotton and thicker threads.

Plastic accessories and zippers for sportswear - Berotex wholesaler

The Berotex warehouse offers a wide range of plastic accessories that are useful in the production of sports accessories and sports clothing. Special stoppers and cord locks are perfect for jackets, sweatshirts and sweatpants, also work well as tags for zippers. Plastic buckles can be used as a functional addition to sports winter jackets. In the case of sportswear, zippers are a very important element. They are used as the main fastener and also as a pocket closure. Depending on the purpose of the sweatshirt or jacket, you can use ready-made zippers or zipper tapes. Thanks to the tapes, you can adjust the length of the zipper to the needs of the project. The zipper tapes are available in standard versions in many sizes and weights, as well as in a waterproof version in sizes # 5 and # 8.

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