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metal slide bukles

Metal regulators - essential accessories for bags

Metal regulators are leatherware accessories that are used for straps, ears or arms of various products. The regulators' task is to allow efficient control over the length of the belt or belt. What's more, regulators also play a decorative role; color coatings and their shape emphasize the appearance of a given product. We have leathercraft regulators also available in a special EXTRA Mat or EXTRA Gloss coating.

Baggage regulators at the Berotex Wholesale

Regulators are one of the obligatory elements of metal accessories used to support belt length adjustment. In our warehouse, we know that you are looking for the coolest parts for your projects. That is why a wide range of leathercraft regulators is the basis! You can find regulators with movable or welded cross bars, square or rectangular regulators, as well as Znal and wire alloys. We heartily invite you for shopping :)

Regulators and other leathercraft fittings

Where can metal regulators be used? They work wherever you need to adjust the strap or holder. From here you can find them, among others in bags, backpacks, harnesses, leashes and animal harnesses, leg covers from the trolley, decorative straps for clothing and more! It is thanks to regulators and other leatherwork fittings, such as metal rings, it is possible to create any fancy goods, clothes, footwear and accessories for animals.

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