Colorful zipper tapes 5 mm in Berotex

Colorful zippers with teeth in the same color as the tape? These are the #5 14.5 g zipper tapes! Among them you will find a lot of colors that will perfectly emphasize the color of fabrics or, on the contrary, will create contrasting combinations. Spiral zipper tapes are perfect for various types of clothing items, as well as haberdashery accessories.

Size #5 and 14.5 weight for durability in the side and inside pockets of handbags. Thanks to the fact that their appearance is subtle and the colors are extremely rich, they can be used as zippers in dresses and elegant blouses. The great advantage of zipper tapes is that they can be cut to any length and adapted to non-standard and custom-made projects.

Due to the large rolls (200 m), the zipper tapes are perfect for large factories and those slightly smaller tailoring workshops. We invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer of zipper tapes #5 in the Berotex online store!

Coil Zipper Tape 5 (14,5 g/m)

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Taśma suwakowa spiralna 5/14,5 g

Coil zipper tape 5 mm 14.5 g/m - buy online

We present coil zipper tapes in size #5 and a weight of 14.5 g/m in intense colors: mint, green, burgundy and many more! They are characterized by teeth matching the color of the tape. It is most often used for sewing tourist accessories, bags, backpacks, wallets, cosmetic bags, sachets, fanny packs, as well as furniture upholstery, bed linen and women's and men's clothing. We sell this model of zipper tape in hanks of 200 m. All #5 coil zipper tapes are available in a wide range of colors, so you can match them to your original designs. You can successfully combine zipper tapes with various fabrics: codura, quilt or CANVAS cotton. They will look great in color matched to the material, but also in the form of a contrasting zipper. Do you need super durable zipper tapes? We also offer zipper tapes with higher grammages: 16.5 and 18 g/m2 and sizes: #8 and #10.

Zipper tape + slider, or how to create a zipper of any length?

While you can purchase many different types of  zippers in specific lengths from our range, we know that sometimes your project just needs a little more. No suitable zipper? Choose a zipper tape that you can cut to any length. Remember to buy a slider, otherwise known as a slide or latch. It is an element that moves along the connecting chain by connecting or disconnecting the teeth. The slider can have a standard or decorative tag. It not only helps to move the slide, but also has a decorative function. For backpacks and sports bags, we recommend e.g. string tags with a rubber element, and decorative and elegant tags for bags. An interesting solution are also tags, that additionally serve as a repair of original tags. Our offer includes padlock-shaped tags. The padlock for the pendant is enough to open by gently pressing the hasp, and then attach it in place of the old handle. Thanks to it, it is not necessary to replace the entire zipper, just use a replacement element.

Leathercraft zipper tapes - welcome to the Berotex warehouse

It is difficult to imagine a handbag or jacket without the presence of a zipper. Whether you buy a pre-made zipper or create one from zipper tape, it's important that it's durable. Thanks to this, the lock will serve for a long time and ensure trouble-free operation. In our offer you will find durable leathercraft zipper tapes, which we recommend both for products from the clothing industry and haberdashery accessories. Waterproof zipper tapes can be successfully used in the production of waterproof covers, furniture and garden accessories, as well as in outdoor jackets, tents and sports gadgets. In the Berotex wholesale assortment you will also find typical zipper tapes for bedding in size #3 and #5 in white. For it, we suggest buying a "head" type slider or water-resistant plastic bolts.

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