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Metal naps - popular clothing latches

Naps, colloquially known as snaps, have found wide application especially in the textile industry. Thanks to the fact that they create a strong clasp, they are a great alternative for both buttons and zippers. Tailor locks can occur in different variants: their colors and appearance will perfectly emphasize the style of each product. Silver plated will look great, for example, in combination with classic black eco leather. In turn, gold plated pads complement the character of bags made of brown leather.

Metallic fasteners - as one of the possible fasteners in various products

Online stores with tailoring accessories and leather goods in their offers have different types of press - snaps. Why is it worth using them instead of using popular buttons or sliders? Metal clasps form a strong closure, which will be perfect not only in clothing (eg motorcycle jackets, muffs, work clothes), but also in technical products such as tarpaulins, covers or baby prams.

Garment accessories - zippers, threads, magnetic fasteners

We are open to all those who love to sew! The Berotex online store offers tailoring accessories that will certainly facilitate your everyday work and hobby. Without scissors or thread cutters, do not move! Do you create patterns? Do not forget to have tailor's soap on hand! Sometimes instead of sewing, you have to glue something. It's not a problem! If you look for fabric glue , you already know where you can find it.

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