Coil zipper tape 10 mm

Which lock is the best to create the perfect closure for suitcases and sports bags? Of course, an extremely strong zipper that will not fall apart under the influence of a large amount of luggage. Such a zipper will work best if a #10 zipper tape is used.

Locks of this size will be especially useful in large suitcases that are exposed to heavy loads. Due to the fact that we are dealing with a tape and not a standard zipper, you can adjust its length to any product. However, its strong construction will work not only in articles for carrying heavy things, but also in various types of work or military clothing.

Colors: red, khaki, graphite, white and black are extremely classic shades, therefore they will easily fit into the designs of elegant tourist suitcases, protective overalls, as well as sports jackets. We encourage you to choose zipper tapes with a thickness of #10 at Berotex - the online leathercraft warehouse!

Coil Zipper Tape 10

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nylon zipper long chain 10

Spiral zipper tape 10 mm - buy online

Nylon coil zipper tapes size #10 with a weight of 39 g/m are perfect for products for the travel industry. Travel bags, backpacks and suitcases are exposed to the harmful effects of external factors. Camping, flights, train or bus journeys are a test of endurance not only for travelers, but also for luggage. Due to the fact that the zipper tape #10 is thick and durable, the product to which it is applied will be able to perform its function longer and better. The zipper tape gives the protection that will help your luggage survive demanding expeditions and journeys, but to protect your luggage even better, it is worth using padlocks with a combination lock. The padlocks are equipped with a precise 3-disc combination lock with a possible one of up to 1000 number combinations. In Berotex's offer you will also find combination padlocks with a cable, which can be inserted, for example, through holes in zipper tags. Returning to the #10 coil zipper tapes, it is worth mentioning that they are available in five colors: red, khaki, graphite, white and black. We sell them in hanks of 100 m.

Sliders for coil zipper tapes

Our wholesale offer includes  various types of fastenings for self-creation of zippers. Non-lock sliders, i.e. without a locking mechanism, are intended for spiral zipper tapes. Latches used for #10 zipper tapes are available in various colors and types. Depending on the product to which the zipper is to be sewn, there are: double-sided sliders (black, black nickel, nickel), extra strong sliders (black, two-tone nickel), standard sliders (black, red, white, graphite, khaki , nickel). Also available is a black reverse slider that is installed the other way round than standard sliders. This makes it ideal for tents and sleeping bags. When buying a slider, remember that it should match the size of the tape on which it is to be attached. Regardless of the size of the zipper, you can match it with original tags.

Durable spiral zipper tape - what material to choose?

Size #10 zipper tapes are perfect for suitcases. However, in addition to a durable zipper, it is also important to choose the right fabrics. What characterizes good materials for suitcases? Water resistance, lightness, or maybe a beautiful pattern? All of these features are important. In the Berotex fabric warehouse in Łódź, we have a large selection of durable and waterproof materials. For the production of suitcases, we recommend in particular 1680D polyester fabrics, which, thanks to an additional coating, are reinforced and have splash-proof properties. Fabrics can be successfully used for the production of suitcases and bags with a load of up to 200 kg! Oxford quilted fabrics will also work great, as they will allow you to create   products of various colors and textures (we recommend  waterproof quilts with diamond, braid or honeycomb patterns). Certainly their appearance will make your project more attractive!

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