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Stainless metal rivets

Stainless rivets - for work clothes, bicycle accessories and footwear

Due to its anti-corrosion properties, stainless rivets are usually used in work clothes and specialist clothing. Stainless steel rivets will also work in conditions where a given product is exposed to adverse external factors, such as moisture, rain. As a result, these rivets are also used in the production of bicycle or automotive accessories, for example in motorbike racks or bike bags.

Stainless steel leather rivets - stainless steel products

We know perfectly well that you also create demanding projects in which quality and additional features of key elements are the basis! That is why in our range of rivets you will also find stainless rivets. Rivets can be exposed to atmospheric conditions because they will not rust after contact with water. Perfect for fixing materials and handles in bags. They will be perfect in combination with other metal accessories as well as elements of plastic fancy goods .

Leather and saddlery tools

In the work of a craftsman, not only skills and experience are important. Access to the right tools is equally important. In the leatherware workshop, you can not miss the crimping tool for rivets, eyelets and naps in various sizes, because this is the place where unique things are made: watches, jewelry, handbags, briefcases, trouser-straps, briefcases, eternal pen covers and much more. We encourage you to buy a leathercraft press :)

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