8 mm metal teeth zipper tapes

Frequently used, larger products require the use of strong zippers. Therefore, to create zippers in stylish travel bags, as well as shoes and large city backpacks, we recommend polyester zipper tapes with 8 mm metal teeth.

Why should you choose exactly this type? In addition to the fact that the zippers are very durable due to their construction, they are characterized by an original look that works well in many elegant and rock projects.

Gold and nickel teeth on black tapes will work in classic accessories and clothing. Thanks to the fact that we are dealing with a zipper tape and not a ready-made zipper, there is no problem with matching the appropriate length of the zipper for suitcases of various sizes, or the length of fasteners in motorcycle jackets.

We encourage you to choose stylish, 8 mm metal zipper tapes in the Berotex online store!

Metal Zipper Tape 8

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metal zipper long chain 8

8 mm Metal Zipper Tape per meter

Metal zipper tapes in size 8 are ideal for the production of travel bags and suitcases. They can also be a functional and decorative addition to men's and women's handbags, shoes and coats. The construction of metal straps is similar to the construction of metal zipper, with the difference that its teeth are made of metal. Thanks to this, they are better than standard  zippers for bags, jackets or shoes. Belts with metal teeth are available in nickel and gold, they are universal colors and will certainly fit into the style of classic products using materials such as artificial leather. Eco-leather can be found in the Berotex warehouse offer in standard shades of black, beige, dark and light brown (suede version is also available) and gray. The assortment also includes more daring solutions, such as artificial leather in red and a variety of artificial leather printed in patterns.

Self-creation of zippers from a metal zipper tape

Are you preparing an original design of a handbag, jacket or boots in a rock style? However, the standard lengths of metal zippers do not meet your expectations? The way to do this are metal zipper tapes, thanks to which you will be able to create your own zippers of the right length. What do you need to build your own zipper? The two basic elements are the zipper tape and the properly adjusted zipper. Our range for 8 mm metal zipper tapes includes  non-lock sliders in the colors of gloss nickel and gloss gold. In the case of metal tapes, it is also possible to use metal fittings, the so-called hooves, which is an effective closure of the zipper in bags, vanity cases and sachets.

Metal and coil zipper tapes at the Berotex warehouse

In addition to 8 mm metal zipper tapes, our offer also includes 5 mm metal tapes, which are ideal for smaller products such as wallets or cosmetic bags. The assortment also includes coil zipper tapes and tapes with a special waterproof coating. How to choose the right type of tape for the needs of your project? You certainly already know what product you want to make and what function it is supposed to fulfill. Start by choosing the right fabric or various fabrics, then match the type of zipper tape to the zipper. Can it be visible or do you want to mask it as much as possible? What size will be the most optimal? Should the zipper be reinforced or additionally protected with a waterproof layer? Is it only supposed to be functional or is it supposed to be a decorative element of your product, for example thanks to a metal lock? The answers to these questions will help you choose the perfect tape. Regardless of whether the choice falls on a metal, coil or waterproof zipper tape, each of them will perfectly fulfill its function.

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