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School backpacks, backpacks, sports bags and laptop bags are among the products that are very often exposed to heavy loads, and their webbing straps, colloquially speaking, "cut into" arms, causing incredible discomfort. What to do to prevent this? Of course, use special plastic shoulder strap pads. It is true that they will not change the weight, but in a simple way they will prevent unpleasant strap pressure.

Black and olive shoulder strap pads, which you can buy at the Berotex leathercraft warehouse, are made of appropriately profiled plastic. Importantly, their design has been created to be able to move them freely on the tape, so that after adjusting the length of the strap, you can freely adjust the position of the shoulder protector. The different widths of these plastic elements allow them to be attached to straps of different sizes.

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Plastic Shoulder Strap Pad

Shoulder strap pad - for shoulder and sports bag

Plastic shoulder strap pads play a very important role in all kinds of handbags, sports bags and laptop bags. Their primary task is to protect clothing against direct contact with the webbing tape. In this way, the tape does not skin the clothes and it does not damage itself. Additionally, thanks to the shoulder pad, the strap, even with a heavy weight, does not pinch or cause discomfort to the shoulder, and the use of the bag is more comfortable. All plastic shoulder strap pads available at the Berotex warehouse are made of high quality plastic. Thanks to the use of such material, they are long-lasting and their color stays the same. Our assortment includes black shoulder strap pads in sizes: from 25/135 mm to 69/147 mm, and olive in sizes 30/135 mm and 40/144 mm. We are convinced that with such a variety you will be able to choose the perfect shoulder strap pad for your bag! 

Create your own belt with a plastic shoulder strap pad

Is your old bag strap worn out? Or maybe you just got bored? Create a new color strap yourself! You will need various metal or plastic accessories, as well as a webbing tape. If your strap is to be sports-like, use plastic snap hooks and slide buckles to make the strap. Do you prefer metal accessories for your bag? You can choose different coatings for metal snap hooks and slide buckles. As a base for the belt, use a 30 mm or 40 mm PP webbing tape in any color and put a shoulder strap pad of the appropriate size on it. Attach the slide buckle and use a strong thread to sew the snap hooks on both sides of the strap. If you decide to use metal accessories, your design will be perfectly emphasized by leather inserts sewn on the hooks. Choose the color of the faux leather that matches your project on Inspire others with your project by publishing a photo of the strap on social media by adding the hashtag: #createwithberotex.

Plastic accessories for backpacks and bags at the Berotex warehouse

In the assortment of the Berotex leathercraft wholesaler you will find many plastic accessories that can be useful when creating various products, such as travel backpacks or sports bags. The use of plastic elements in these products allows not only the basic use of them (adjusting the length of the harness with slide buckles), but also creates additional functionalities. Thanks to the use of additional straps closed with plastic buckles, they will allow you to attach extra equipment in the form of a sleeping bag, mat or a tent. As hooks for carabiners for sports bags, the load-resistant plastic D-rings are perfect. We also offer, extremely important in the case of heavy backpacks and bags, durable ready handles, as well as those that can be created using a metal handle and a plastic hand protector.

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